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Rush Limbaugh Birthday Riddle

No it isn't Rush's birthday today, I know. Actually it's mine and Uncle Rush came over to see me this morning. Well more like late last night, it was about 3am when he showed up. He's not biologically my uncle but he is in the way an older man is when you've known him your whole life.

He was my Cub Scout leader. He introduced me to politics those nights around the camp fire and we would debate into the night. He later introduced me to other things once the other campers were away in their pup tents but that's not what we're talking about here. This is about a riddle.

As I said, he showed up at about 3 this morning, roaring drunk. Good Ol' Uncle Rush though still brought the big bag of weed he always gives me for my birthday. He reached into his whiskey stained suit coat and produce a bag that looked like it had been sat on and wreaked of Old Spice. "Here ya go birthday boy! Got this stuff from Jimmy Swaggert, says it's pretty good. Why don't ya spin one up for your old uncle?"

Of course this all probably didn't happen which brings us to the riddle: IF Rush Limbaugh were to blaze up and assuming that he would follow the rules of smoking etiquette and pass to the LEFT who would be standing there?
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