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Yes, that is a child flipping you off. Well technically she was flipping me off when I took the picture but don't think it can't or won't happen to you! She is also undomesticated, completely feral. And maybe down there in the whacky ol' USA you could successfully sue someone for that kind of thing but not here. Just like suing someone for a non-injury such as a baby ball python bite would be laughed right out of court. See we don't have the right to claim for arbitrary, crazy sums of money for ambiguous damages like pain and suffering and emotional trauma. Our appointed, not elected judges haven't allowed that sort of thing in the past and now there is a fair bit of Canadian case law that works against it. Besides this type of thing is a civil matter and you wouldn't even need a lawyer, especially since it would likely end up in small claims court. Maybe you would have to cover the cost of the Band-Aid and Polysporin. The example of the cat, by the way, wasn't to compare a domestic animal to a supposedly wild one. The point was to make you think about all the times that you or someone you know was scratched by a cat for no reason. My sister was attacked by her own cat, sent her to the hospital. That sort of attack is rare but scratches happen all the time and people don't sue for that stupid stuff except for the one time in a billion cat scratches that someone down there does and if for some reason they win, it is all over the news. The fact is that anyone who has owned both a cat and a baby ball python at some time in their lives knows that the cat is WAY more dangerous. Yet no one thinks twice about letting someone else's kid play with their cat or maybe even their large breed of dog. Seriously, think about that. As I said before as long as those of us who know better act as if snakes are more dangerous than they actually are we cannot blame the public for making laws against keeping them. Look at what just about every zoo on the planet does; they allow members of the public to handle their big burms and boas in a safe, supervised way. As with any animal, "domesticated" or not there is a far out, remote chance of the animal turning on someone. (Imagine the consequences for a zoo!) They do it anyway because the benefit of having people appreciate these creatures and realize, unlike some of us, that they are not viscious far out-weighs the very small potential risk. If you are trying to help or protect the public image of snakes all you need to do is allow the public access to them, their placid nature will speak for itself. Let's stop pretending every snake is venomous, hiding behind hooks and shields for an animal about as dangerous as an angry earth worm, it's just foolish.
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