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I would much much much rather make money working with animals that I am absolutely enthralled with rather than joining the rat race and contributing to the depletion and abuse of the planet's resources. Find me ONE job that doesn't in one way affect the planet adversely. You can't. Even driving to work every day is bad. Not thanks. Working with animals is nothing to be ashamed of, I don't know why you think people should feel bad.

But hey, easy way to make money; Who can argue with that?
Yeah? Methinks you have never bred an animal before. Let alone hundreds, which is what it takes to actually make money. You seem to think its ok to keep animals in captivity, and I'm sure you like to acquire captive bred animals (if not, then let's stop this discussion). So people are supposed to give you these animals for free?

Wow, life must be grand at the top.
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