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Depsite being a Canadian... I really only got hooked on American Idol for both years. I watched little bits and pieces of Canadian Idol because my sister, mom, and dad were in to it. I only watched the full episodes today and yesterday... and I have to admit... I was pretty scared after seeing Ryan's performance yesterday that he was going to end up losing! I was so relieved! Woohoo! I still think it wasn't as great as American Idol though... I don't know... just had trouble getting in to it, but had no problems at all getting in to American Idol... even though when I saw previews for it and found out what it was I thought it would be one of those horrible shows that I can't stand LOL poor Mike hated it... made him sit through it quite a few times though Come on... this year the finale of American Idol brought in more viewers than the superbowl, as well as advertising was more! Everyone says they hate it... statistics just go to prove there are a bunch of closet idol freaks
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