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I don't see any moral dilemma in breeding morphs. True in the wild they do usually get pegged of relatively early due to lack of camouflage, but most of the morphs *are* produced from wild animals out in nature, as Jeff mentioned. There are some designer morphs that are not naturally occuring, such as Bumble Bee balls. I don't really see any harm in this however, these animals are not in the wild, hence they do not need to look like the standard to survive. If ones wish is to preserve the natural look of the species then I wish them the best of luck... they will not be producing fantastic looking clean specimens... in captivity we start selectively breeding for appearances, this is not a natural thing. In the wild animals breed to survive and often wild models are not as nice looking as those that have been bred generation after generation to acheive a certain polished look. Don't get me wrong, you will find some beauties out there, but it isn't the standard. Personally, I prefer a great looking "normal" to a morph any day. That's just me though... morphs just don't do it for me. I don't see anything wrong though. It's not like these animals are being bred in an effort to replenish wild populations or whatnot. It's not messing with nature if nature produces them. If you want to take that arguement, then by the same token allowing an entire litter or clutch to survive would be the same, because that doesn't happen in the wild either
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