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Personally, I have nothing against morphs as an animal, Im a sucker for Leucistics.. I am however against the motive of what most of them bring.. As I see it, most people don't think an animal is worthy unless it was an expensive morph, like say ball pythons. I always hear, You got a ball? Normal balls suck, hell they only cost 30 bucks, so as I see it, not many are in it for the joy of the animal, just an easy way to make money, whether it is it's a ball or a corn, a morph is more pricy even if it is a few bucks.. I agree that snakes should be kept true blooded and clean, but then again as everyone says, this is a captive propagation at hand..
I prefer my animals in the wild/natural colors, I find them truely more captivating than "High-End" (Dont even talk as if they are living creatures) individuals..
Just my thoughts and hope it made sense.. Im hyped up on raisin bran and sugar..
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