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Quetzacaotl the mythical "plumed serpent" was worshipped as the "Master of Life" by ancient Aztecs of Central America

Some African cultures worshipped rock pythons, and considered the killing of one a serious crime

in Australia, the Aborignes asociated a giant rainbow serpent with the creation of life

in native beliefs the snake means transmutation, rebirth, initiation, wisdom, healing and fertility

the Hopi Indians use snakes as part of a ran dance

in native beliefs the turtle represents Mother Earth, longevity, awakening to opportunities

In native beliefs the alligator and crocodile represent primal energies of birth, motherhood and initiation

in native beliefs lizards represent dreaming, subtlety of perception

in native beliefs the frog represents cleansing, transformation through water and sound

also worth mentioning, Sioux means "snake-like enemy" this was given to them by their rival the Objibwe
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