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WOW! Crazy stuff! I can't believe this guy, attempted murder I'd charge this guy with, and if the bear dies, murder! I also agree let's go take this guy out in the lake run over him a few times with water skiis, dunk him a few dozen times and try to convince him we weren't trying to hurt him. HA! Keeping a bear as a pet to try and tame it so it may come back to visit you? Not only by keeping it would it have little to no skills in the wild, it would only be used to humans which wouldn't be good for them either! This Ryan guy has to be one of the stupidest human beings on the earth, and to get away with that crap, sickening! Let's just say if I saw some lunatic doing that, he would be stopping pretty quick after I do 10x worse to him what he did to the bear...amazing! sigh....sad story, hopefully the bear makes out alright and as for that guy...I hope justice is served to him in which ever way it comes...mama bear visiting could only wish.

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