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Religious serpent handling

Last time this topic was a hot debate several people inquired about attending a snake handling service. I will be taking a group from Chattanooga, TN to the Rock House Holiness Church in Section, AL this Friday night 9/19/03. We will leave around 6pm. We will be traveling back (some dirt) roads doing a little road cursing on the way. Should arrive about 730pm. The service is long, one can count on being there till 11pm EST (the church is in central time.) Anyone interested in going along get in touch with me before Friday. I spoke to Silas Crawford last Sunday. He tells me that he will be coming down from WV for the service this Friday. The usual service involves timber rattlesnakes, copperheads, and cotton mouths; however, Silas usually comes in with puff adders, cobras, etc so I am really not sure what all to expect. Some churches only occasionally handle, but I have never seen a service here where the “boxes” were not opened.
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