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More crappy jobs

I think I am an involuntary flatus odor judge at work...

Job As Flatus Odor Judge Really Stinks

Do you think your job stinks? You could be a Flatus Odor Judge.
That's just one of several of the Worst Jobs in Science according to the editors of "Popular Science" magazine, who just compiled the list for the latest issue.

Topping the chart for worst jobs are the odor judges at a Minneapolis gastroenterologist -- they're are paid to smell people's farts to determine potentially critical medical symptoms.

The second crappiest science job is being a Dysentery Stool-Sample Analyzer. That's a person who opens stool canisters and analyzes feces to test the effectiveness of the kit.

Meanwhile, the Barnyard Masturbator, a researcher who collects semen for insemination purposes, comes in third, beating out jobs like Prison Rape Researcher, Carcass Cleaner and Fish Counter.

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