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Thankyou for the PM Pixie.

The woodsman, who makes his living cutting and planting trees, said he intended to keep the cub on a leash at home to see if he could tame it before releasing it back into the wilderness with the hope it would return for visits.
He also said he wanted to keep the bear out of the village to spare children from being attacked.

Hmm, sounds like case of a splendid contridiction..
Also, if I were the bear, I'd come back.. Nothing sikes me out more than being taken from my mother, dunked half to death, tackled, tied up and hanging from my nape.. And by God, I'd for sure come back if I were kept on a leash.. Who wouldn't?

The wildlife officers captured the bear and released it into the woods as an orphan near Montebello. They left plenty of food and water nearby and tagged the bear.

Smart idea considering the animal is 10 months to young to leave the mother.. Are there no rehabs in the area?
Oddly enough he wasn't charged with anything, after admitting to it all, yet I know a herper who was charged housing a retic in a restricted zone, which was properly kept and cared for.. Funny how that works out..
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