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I can't even express myself properly because no words in the dictionary can portray what this man has done. Disgusting! What the hell is wrong with the laws out there anyways? Do they not have any cruelty laws????? Out here they finally passed some good laws... people can be tried with the same as abuse against people... you can get a life sentence for animal abuse now! A $2000 fine for breaking a hunting permit??? That's a bunch of shyte... what about the poor animal and the moron repsonsible for it all I hope the poor little guy survives... don't know how great of a chance he has at that small size Why would the wildlife officials release it?

I'll definitely be writing in. Just a reminder too... points are more well received when they do not include swearing and threats

Originally posted by Pixie
Come to think of it, I've always wanted a moron as a pet. Yep, that's it! I'll abduct him in a "nice" way of course (he,he,he) and that way I'll be helping the local population from being subjected to total idiocy.

I wonder, how much space does a moron need for an enclosure?
That's a great plan! Go to it!
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