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Originally posted by Invictus
Yes, I am talking about TARAS. I didn't intend for this t turn into a bitching session about the society, but oh well. Greg, I'm not talking about you. I emailed Chris Richardson directly, and he said he would talk to the membership secretary. If he couldn't find my signup, I guess it's just plain gone. And I guess so is my $25. I signed up at the spring show right at the admissions table. I was told "Welcome to the society!" and given a newsletter, and that's it. I don't care though - I'll buy it again next year. But next time I'll write a check or get a receipt. Honestly peeps, it's no big deal to me. I can't prove that I paid for the membership - that's my fault. Other than that, mistakes happen; paperwork gets lost sometimes. *shrug*
This is not looked at a bitching session....... We just want to make that sure this type of thing doesnt happen ....... and we want to make sure that if it does its looked after and the right people are contacted ......We'll look into this and let u know at the fall show what we found ......
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