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it would help if you put the actual lyrics in quotes or something, makes it easier to spot them. we should do this but move away from solely rap, choose whatever u like and see if ppl can figure it out.
im not sure if people will know this one (hint, its not rap)

"Lets paint her chalk white, and see if she reacts, to the colours i admire. All the details she blurts out freely, all the details done completely...(later on) Lets paint him jet black, see if he jumps back and loosens up the colours in his skin....."

this one will be easier

"drinking for 11 , thats just what i do, when im not with you, my heart goes to bed. end of the bar thats just where ill be, don't try and come find me, cause im already dead"

shouldnt be too hard for the right people either

"here i am beside myself again. Im Torn apart by words that you have said. and all in all i know we're falling apart. where did you run to so far away?"

Hint for next one, gurl singer.

"i want to see, you use your capabilities, build me an ocean and destroy it with your eyes."

These next guys have a concert oct 10th

" your standing there alone and so am i, but i want you here by my side, your smile at me is everything, this staring game, that song of love. I look you in the eyes, i try to read your thought, i ask you to go with me to a far off and me dancing the night away........"

the next one is fairly popular in the states but not so much in canada.

"Tell me what you thought about when you were gone and so alone. the worst is over, you can have the best of me. we got older but we're still young, we never got out of this feeling that we wont give up"

to make it easier, this next one is the same band as the last one

"you can sleep in your own bed tonight, i hope for your sake, you dont wake up as broken as i am"

thats it for now.

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