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Oh you think you guys have it bad.......I'm a house people can destroy a SINGLE room in ONE day, not even a full 24 hour day at that is beyond me! The tub is BLACK with an even blacker ring around it, the sink and floor is full of hair, and can someone please tell these people how to pee IN the toilet, and it's not just the men that miss!!!!!!!! The floor of the "bedroom" looks like someone got like 20 bags of potatoe chips crushed them, opened the bag and just let the crumbs fly........and women with the monthly thing.....EEEEEWWWW alot of them need to learn to clean up after themselves........and people with can a 4 year old get their FEET print on something that is about 4 feet off the ground and above a dresser!!!!!!!! WTF.........and banana's, kids and carpets don't mix either........ECKKKKKKK I have found alot of the people that check into the hotel I work at is really NASTY..........EWWWWWWW *cough* cough* *gag* *gag*
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