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We have cockatiels here and it can get loud at times, mostly in the early morning cause they are used of coming out for breakfast. Our birds are our most of the day, they are clipped and very well mannered. They do whistle on occasion during the day back and forth to each other but not often. We have a couple that are noisier than other but some you barely hear a peep from. Of course the noisy ones are the males. We breed them and do not put bands on them. I was once told by a breeder of 30 some years that bands are not good for tiels, because they can don't make them small enough to go on their leg properly so they are lose and could be a danger to your tiel more than an asset. I have one recscu tiel with a band and I can see what she means, it is quite lose on him!
Here are some of our birds...

Mom and dad with babies. The babies didn't have all their feathers yet, that is why the yellow one looks bare around the neck.

Here are the babies at a couple weeks old.

and a little over a month.

Popa feeding babies.

ANd here is one of the babies (Alley, actually a male and loud mouth. lol) with my special needs tiel Quasi.
They love visiting each other!

ANd one of my favorite pics of Quasi. First time climbing a latter, he has mangled feet but that doesn't stop him one bit!

this is why he decided to go down the latter.

Before you decide you are definately going to get a bird make sure it is the right decision for you. They are a lot of work, they need lots of attention, and they bond to mostly one person. We have a couple rescues that love almost everyone, probably because they were neglected in their previous home and just love any attention! But we also have a couple that are bonded to just me, just my father and just my mother. (my parents live beside us in a douplex but we have access to their place inside the house, we are a close nit family. )
You will also have this bird for about 15 years if well taken care of and fed properly. cages need to be cleaned thouroughly every week and lots of toys are a must! Toys can get expensive for birds. Toys should be changed every few months for variety for your bird and must be introduced before putting in the cage or they could be afraid of it.
Tiels are by far one of the quietest birds I have known from working in an aviary for nearly 3 years. But again, they do have their very loud moments and this should not be taken away from them. IMO they should not have towels or blankets put over their cages eithor, some get more frightened as they feel they are being trapped.
If your bird gets night fright you will have to give him/her a nightlight. There are so many things to learn about birds I could go on and on, probably write a, Oh, look, I'm off to a great start! lol, Ok, I'm done now, one more thing, though, before I leave. Birds NEED routine! They can get stressed or cranky if you change their routine.
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