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It goes without saying that what happened on September 11 was a tragic loss of innocent life. The people in those towers were, as has been mentioned in this thread, of many different nationalities and religions though it was without a doubt an attack aimed at the United States specifically. The people that organized this attack probably felt it was justified in the context of their twisted logic though it is easy to see that they in fact killed thousands of people that have done them no wrong. Unfortunately some people have managed to harness the anger stemming from this tragedy and manipulate it for their own purposes. The sad reality is that what happened 2 years ago was only the beginning of the senseless slaughter of innocents that has gone on ever since. Without getting into the history or politics of this whole subject and avoiding what may be seen as the bashing of anyone I think it is necessary to say that every murderer feels justified in killing but the murderer is always wrong. It is never the right thing to kill the innocent whether they are in an office tower or in the desert.
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