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Originally posted by Invictus
I'm constatly knocking things over, and things have a tendency to just jump right out of my hands. I don't drop anything, objects JUMP out of my hands, I swear!
I think thats me that your describing. I could be holding say a pen for example and out of nowhere it's flying across the room. don't know how but it does.

I walk into things, bump things and knock them over. Constantly a new bruise or cut. The funny bone is the worst i seem to hit that 2 or 3 times a day. Why do the call it a funny bone the only people to laugh is the ones around you.

I'm only 24 and have had 2 surgeries on my left ankle so i have to look down when i'm walking if not i'll fall. I couldn't tell you many times i've sprained it. Lost count on how many times i've fallen upstairs or fallen at all. I'm like a weeble wobble, but i do fall down.
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