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TACO BELL!!! Anytime, anywhere! They don't have spicy enough sauce though so if I'm bringing it home I have to put some Hot'n Horny hot sauce on it :flick: Mmmmmmm now I'm hungry for TB... and its closed

Originally posted by TheRedDragon
Well, when I'm hungover and want a fast cure, I'll either go to
Seriously Taco Bell is the BEST for hangover fixes! I didn't believe it until the morning after my bday me and my boyfriend were going back to his place and I was so sick. I kept puking out the car. He said Taco Bell woudl fix me and I was like "No way in hell am I eating anything!". Well while he was ordering in the drive-thru I was puking out the car, same with when he was paying for it at the Well we got back to his place and I downed 1.5 tacos and instantly stopped puking! Anything greasy with cayenne in it works wonders. Jamaican Patties are good too! :flick:
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