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Unhappy Hopefully I am not alone in this!!!

This is just something that I thought I would ask.
Is there anyone out their that is super clumsy??
I only ask b/c lately, having started college, everyone has commented on how clumsy I am! I all ready knew that I was but I think it has gotten worse! At least 3-5 times a day something happens. Either I trip up/down the stairs, hit my head getting into my car (still have a lump on my forehead) or do something that results in my getting hurt. OR accidently hurting someone else, my bf being the main target. I almost chipped his tooth the other night when we went to see Live, he was about to take a drink and I turned around to say something and WHACK! Right into the bottle
Anyone that knows me personally here, their are a few, will vouch. One of them, with whom I worked with for a bit, can say that he was worried that I would kill myself one day!!!
So anyways.......anyone out their with the same clumsy inclinations??? And if so, share those stories so I am not the only one
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