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All I'm trying to say is that you can write fragile, perishable, this side up, keep warm all you want. Do you really think they will go out of their way to do this? I've had 1000's of crickets freeze outside in the winter as they were forgotten there and they were extremely well marked "live insects", "rush" etc.... I know of another company that had ordered frozen fish food which was also well marked and was left in the warehouse apx fifty feet from their freezer for it to melt. Air cargo or not, everybody looses packages. Did you ever get a shippement that was late? Try calling to get it tracked, sometimes they don't even know where the package is, even after 9-11. There is absolutely NO SAFE way to ship animals unless you do it yourself. That's where packaging experience comes in. I've never tryed it but I am sure that I could trow a box full of tarantulas off a three story building and none would die. Just because I choose to do it my way doesn't make me irresponsible. With that said, I invite any of the people that bought and received dead or injured animals from us to come share their story. (silent.....) That's what I tought, there aren't any. If you choose to call me irresponsible, you might as well call everybody that ships animals irresponsible.
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