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Correct me if I'm wrong but don't artists such as anyone from Ozzy to Britney to U2 get millions and millions before these albums even come out, they sign contracts with record companies do they not...they are getting the money upfront, they make the record and the record company gets the money based on the sales...I don't know much about the business but that's how I figure it would work, places like walmart, best buy, hmv whomever buy a certain amount of each album, isn't that how sales are kept track of not by every joe blow who bought the new eminem cd, sales are based on the distribution of the cd's to the stores is it not? So once the stores buy them up off the record company, the record company could care less of who buys what, they sold their product already. Just guessing don't know for sure, I'm just saying by artists signing contracts for millions and millions of dollars they are getting paid regardless of what they spit out...they may have a certain amount of albums to make or it may be an album by album deal but the artists aren't "starving" by any means...are most big name artists so greedy that they are bitching about getting paid 20 million to make an album then because they don't get as big of a cut on a percentage of the albums sold? Boo hoo. Cry me a river. Yes for the up and comers that don't have a major name behind them it is alot harsher, but millionaire cry babies like Metallica make me sick! Yes I download music, but for only songs from a album that I know I won't like or would never buy, only downloading it because I only like the one or two songs from the cd. I fully support my favorite artists by buying every cd/album they come out with, if I truly like them I'll buy their stuff...maybe if some of these artists wouldn't come out with these "hot new" singles then to make a quick buck come out with a piece of crap album to make some more money, maybe make a descent album, then more people will buy them. Well I've ranted

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