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Hang in there Don. I also kind of relate to what both you and Chondro are going through, but again, indirectly. My father has an eye condition called Keratoconus, which means his corneas thin out and develop a cone-shaped deformity. He just recently had his SECOND cornea transplant (He had one back in the 80s), and may require a third. But, he's hanging in there. It's hard, of course. But an easy life is just plain boring, isn't it?

Maybe your family should be in FAMILY councelling. They shouldn't be pinning this on you. People who require a lot of medical help suffer from a lot of stress, yes. But it does put stress on the family as well. It shouldn't, but it does. They need to get their problems out in the open and worked out too.

In the mean time, hang in there, and good luck with the babes.
- Ken LePage
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