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I ship fedex and by bus and those people DO know what's in the box. I kind of broke the ice by saying that they were crickets (explaining the weight as I ship tarantulas and other invertes). You're not permitted to ship crickets either but at least I didn't say that I had huge spiders and scorpions that could kill you if they got out. Heck, even the airport wouldn't accept deadly scorpions! After a while and lots of business on my part I be-friended the people at the cash (the ones that would normally give the order to open the box) and I gave them my business card, they looked at me funny and said "eik, cool" (i've heard them all). One of them now wants to buy a tarantula from me for his kid. This is the only possible way to be able to ship within Canada without shipping airport to airport. Most people don't live that close to their airport and don't have any way of getting there, especially for a few tarantulas. It also cost more. Also, you can take my word as I've done this for a long time (shipping and receiving) that you can mark your boxes as much as you want and it won't change the outcome one single bit.
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