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Well Snakeman87 I know I would normaly pick on you..All in good fun but now is a time where I can honestly say I know what you are going through (indirectly) My mother woke up one morning and hade lost all sight in her left eye then it would come back and go away again. So I know what your family is going through with the stress of not knowing what to do or say in this situation cause there is only a selected few that can say they know how you are fealing simply because to be born blind and to loose you sight is two totaly diffrent life changing events.

Well my mom lost her sight when I was 3 and she was a single mom so she did it all from dippers to school work until my step father steped in when I was 6 or 7 I am not sure then it went all up hill from there as far as moral suport go's.

whne I was 8 she was put on a donor list to recive a new cornia. 23 of DEC when I was 11 she was called at 12 am it was the doc he said there was a tragic death but in consiquence the person was a perffect match for her but she needed to be there in less the 48 hours so she was there in a heart beat I was droped of at my cousins for X-Mas eve and morning.

This is how she explains it to me..
she was on the table and she was wide awake (Forzzen eye) and she saw nothing then she heard the doc say marry X-Mas and with thows words she saw every thing in the room the cornia was placed and the stitch in place.

Now I am not saying this to depresse you I am saying this so you will have some hope because that is all us humans have to live for hope that the next day will bring joy.

I am also not doing this out of pity because I dont pity you cause I have a fealing you don't need it you have a HELL of a good head on your shoulders and you are young you have all the time in the world to figure this $#!T out take it one step at a time and solve one problem at a time. This may sound verry dumb but I would like you to take a pen a paper and wright every worst case senario you can think of and every ending point meaning what is the worst thing that will happen and what are the worst resultswhen you have that done go to a vetrans hospital and spend 30 min with various diffrent ppl then go to your closest blind comunity this may sound wierd but they do exisit we have some in canada it is called the CCB Canadian Counsal for the Blind or the CNIB Canadian National Instatute for the Blind.
A whole new world will open up to you I promise that.

I use the word blind vagly here you are probebly what ppl Call leagaly blind if not that is great but set your self with these pll they are there to help you make the transition from 20/20 vision to a lesser quality of sight in other words I am not saying you are blind I am just telling you that these ppl dont care if you can see good or not well or not at all they will teach you there tricks of the trade. lets face it there ppl in this hobby that helped you leard how to do things and get around the difficult stuff simply cause they have experience. Well these ppl will do the same they will give you the tools and the methods to youse them profesionaly. I know this system works cause I have seen it in action.

well I will not keep you here reading any longer.
Keep your head high your thaught positive and kick every obstacle strait in the @$$ and you will get through this.
Take care man I am with you 100%.

P.S If you need to blow off steam PM me and I will send you my PH# call collect I dont care.

Marc Doiron
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