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Unhappy What to do:(

Well as most of you know. I have serious eye problems. I had surgery on both of my eyes and its going OK i suppose but the downside is effects. The effects are Pain, Sensativity to light, Irriation etc etc. I have to do a ton of drops EVERY 4 hours(except at nights) so that 4 times a day.

It just all got to me today I cant take it anymore. To start off I cannot live a normal Life cause i have to worry about getting my meds so i have to be back at home every 4 hours if i go to my friends house or something. It just sucks. I havent been to school for 3 weeks now and all I do is lay around with a washclothe on my eye..... There is ALWAYS tension and fighting in our house and I feel like its cause of me.....and today it was

I went to my sisters cheerleading competition today and it sucked......BAD. I could not go outside even with my sunglasses and hat on and it was CLOUDY! So needless to say I went home and the WHOLE way home my parents were fighting cause they dont know what to do anymore and it sucks. I just feel like i cause everything wrong......i hate my sucks......i wish It would end........

My whole life has been surgery.

Another thing i dont like to admit is this........but hey! what do i gotta loose. Along with my eyes comes my mouth problems. Lets put it this teeth SUCK. I have(had) no they just blew. WEll finally I had ALL them pulled under GENERAL anestisia(sp) and guess what!! 3/4 the way through I couldnt have anymore novacaine cause my system drains it so fast! So i just had implants put in and THEY hurt SOOO bad i actually cried.......i hate admitting it but it was pain like i never felt before.....pain i would not want any of my family or friends to go through.

P.S. Two hott girls did come up to me when i WAS at the competition. got phone numbers! But still it sucks........

What should I do please I cant take it anymoore!

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