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Surrey is the home of Christine Schramm and the Rainforest Reptile Refuge. She is behind every bylaw here in BC and I hear she even flew to Ontario to push bylaws there. I am only surprised that this hasn't happened sooner. I have a feeling most if not all of the councillors are in bed with her on this. She is the darling of Surrey---she giveth so much of herself to the reptiles....taking them in.....never adopting because they suffer in captivity.....getting so overcrowded.....ignoring proper quarantine....keeping abotu 50 iguanas in one small room sized cage....letting wild rodents eat out of the reptiles bowls.....letting her cat fall in the snapping turtle tank......letting her cat get pregnant (where do all the kittens go?)....and on and on. Of course she is the best thing that ever happened to reptiles and what she says the council should do is golden!

Its disgusting and its a bloody never ending battle with her. She looks like she is getting old though so I am hoping she will just die and leave us in peace.
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