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Are snakes domesticated? NO That is why we treat them differently. They are wild animals and will ALWAYS be wild no matter if it's a cobra or a ball python. You have to respect that and treat them as such. If the snake does bite, there could be a potential law suit, and most likely the parent will win. Stupid law suits happen all the time. Years ago some woman spilled hot coffee on her self from a McDonalds, sued and won! I remember another one of a man falling off his bicylce after going down a hill and sued the company that made the bike that there was no warning that the bike goes fast when it goes down hill, he won also! The best one I remember is a couple doing what couples do, on a subway track, train comes, runs them over, they live, the sue they win! Hell even burglars that break into your house can sue and win, if they injure themselves!

Now, back to the original point, I say you should at least let the kids see the snake. It should be a rewarding experience for all involved, but next time, speak with your girlfriend before she tells someone that they can see something that you are very protective of!

P.S. Mouse Killa, what is up with your avatar? Is that a child giving me the finger? Careful, I could sue for trauma and stress, and WIN!
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