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We see rattle snakes as exotics, really majestic creautres and all. But down in Texas, they are pests! You know, to a culture, if we eat beef, we should be punished, where as we see beef as normal. We feed mice to snakes, where as some mouse lover wouldn't allow that, or hate against it. We have dogs as pets, some parts of the world, its protein. Its just a matter of locality and whats happenin' in your mind really. I went to this restuarant last year in Texas called Papadeaux's ( at least I think it was sitll Texas ) and I ate Alligator, and I'll tell you, its amazing meat. I ate frog legs last year in Mexico, another awesome meat. Basically, on this world, whatever has meat on it, is potential food... gotta view it with an open mind, and gotta see the bigger picture...

Just my two cents

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