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Question Doing house repairs + reptiles

I am going to be doing a lot of repairs on my house this next month. This includes getting new carpet, staining wood, sealing floors, etc. All, which I assume, will not be good for my reptiles. I was planning to move my reptiles to my finished basement, but it's only 65 degrees down there and there is really no way of heating it up without roasting me and my husband out of the rest of the house.
I have 1 ball python and 3 leopard geckos. My BP has a heating pad for heat, which is left on all the time. The leos have lights, which are turned off at night. I know leos can handle cooler temps at night, but I think 65 is a little chilly.
Would it be better for me to keep the reptiles upstairs in a closed bedroom, but closer to the hazardous fumes? Or would it be better to have them in the basement? I'm just concerned how well I will be able to regulate the temperatures.
Thanks for any advice you guys can give me!
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