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I am gessing that your g/f knows the kids well and she shuld know if the kids can handle it I would say do it give them a note.In my exprans the parent of the kids would like the opertunity fore ther kid to have a new expireans which can be hard for them in the"real world" it will allso help them bild confadens and make them happy and it could spark a lite in on of the kids and then they could get a job in a pet store or a zoo that they couldnot have goten be for they met you so you could chang ther live for the better do you whant to miss that op even if just one kid gets interasted you have done a very good I say go for it have fun whith it and dot get mad at the lady frenid she was only trying to help brightn a little kids day and what is wrong whith that
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