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Parents irrationally freaking out over an insignificant occurance doesn't mean they can successfully sue you. People can waste their money trying to sue for just about any stupid thing, you can't do anything about that. NORMAL, average people don't sue over nothing, a bite from a baby ball IS nothing. No stitches, no bruises probably not even a mark therefore nothing to sue for. They won't get anywhere with BS pain & suffering or emotional stress either because they wouldn't be able to prove any of that stuff either. Even if the parents do unreasonably sue you it won't get anywhere with a judge. I can't believe the over-reaction to the idea of a child holding a harmless creature, I hope none of you that are worried about this ever let a kid pet your cat or dog or let those animals outside. The risk we're talking about here is negligable, almost non-existant. This is crazy
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