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Many good points have been made here. Personally I do shows for kids & anyone else who would like one. You will have to decide for yourself if you are comfortable with it though. If you decide to do it safety is your biggest concern for both your snake & the kids. You want to make future herpers here !!

When I am at home I place a sheet or blanket over my entire couch so no critter can sneak into it. I talk about the herp first & demonstrate & answer questions. Once everyone is all settled in I sit in the middle of the couch with a child on one or both sides of me (depending on their age/mentality). The herp starts off in my lap where they can touch it. We let it move over our laps & they can lift it gently back when it goes too far away. This way they are 'holding' as far as they are concerned but there are no worries of the critter being dropped to the floor & hurt/scared. They get lots of 'petting' time this way, too. Also the kids are not holding the critter up in the air & trying to see it or cuddle it or look at it's face or any such things; as this is when a bite would most likely occur. If the snake or whatever herp is roaming upon laps it is least likely to bite its' "substrate" & if it does then it will most likely get only a hand or arm as everything else in reach is clothed. You will also be in very close supervision of the whole encounter this way. Many kids I find I can reach right around with my own arm this way.

Good luck & I hope everyone has an enjoyable & memory-making experience !!
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