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I have many childeren over all the time to see and hold my snakes. First off they only get to handle certain snakes and they are given a quick lesson on how to hold the snakes. unfortunatly every once in a while there will be a accident. Even the calmest snake can bite.I think we have had two bites over the years one from an milk on a 6-7 yr old and the other was from a 36" burmese on a 13-14 yr old in both cases no one was greatly harmed, and at the time we just brushed it off as (you will live)LOL and in both cases the kids continued to handle the same snakes. All of the parents know that we allow the childeren to handle the snakes and realize that we are responable enough not to put their childeren in any danger.
Always make the kids clean their hands after handling the reptiles
I think a bite causing stitches would go over better then a kid catching samonella or somthing else.

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