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my parents have a cockateil, Blue which has been around for over 20 years.....and still kicking!.....I never found him to be overly noisy....he does have a mirror in his cage and always has, this is the first time I've heard that mirrors aren't a good idea but at this point I wouldn't take it away and he seems content with how things are.....he will whistle and chirp at it a couple times a day the chirping isn't loud the whistling is....its entertaining to hear him going at it!:P...He's out of his cage every day and has a few perching areas designed for him.....leaves poop where ever he goes though... I think they vary in noisiness and temperament...ours is quite agressive and will actually try to entice you to scratch his head by putting it down and then tear at your finger!lol....I wouldn't recommend whistling at it because they learn what they hear and the loudest noise Blue makes is a whistling tune my dad taught him (great if you don't live in an apartment). A happy parrot is one that gets ALOT of attention otherwise they will get depressed....I saw a show on t.v. about parrots and there was a worse case scenario of a large parrot that was put in a room away from people (so they wouldn't have to hear him) and because of the isolation started to rip feathers out of his chest and mutilate himself in depression.
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