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Grapefruit Seed Extract

I just wanted to share this info with you guys. Not sure how many of you use this stuff, but let me tell you its amazing. Many people over at the large cornsnake forum I visit are using this stuff on both rodents and the snakes with HUGE results. Most noteable, Kathy Love has commented on using it for her husband when he has returned hom from South America with a stomach bug. It kills many parasites in both mice and snakes, and can be used relatively safely and its affordable and easy to find. I can tell you it helps "sickly" or weak mice out do a 180 degree turn around.

Some more information, here is a qoute from a member on another site who does lots of research for the people there about G.S.E. and uses it with GREAT results:

"Cattle, horses, hogs, fish, poultry, even reptiles can benefit greatly from use of GSE: it is an excellent remedy for skin diseases, external injuries, fungal infections, and internally, the diseases caused by parasitic, bacterial, viral or fungal infections.

Since animals canít tell us whatís wrong, and since GSE is such a broad-spectrum solution, it is becoming the first-line of defense for many farmers and Veterinarians.
good site for info, theres better deals out there for G.S.E..

I raise handfed baby Parrotlets and use 3 drops of g.s.e. per gallon of h2o to hydrate there baby food.It elimates fungal/bacteria "souring"in my baby parrotlets crops. Many avian breeders are using with positive results.
Great for an effective organic method to sanitize equipment and enclosures(30 drops per gallon), this stuff just can't be beat.
They use in some hospitals to disinfect the carpeting among other things.

I would be very careful with the above dosage recommendation
("Dosage would be about two drops for a "baby food jar" sized water dish".)
Very acidic stuff, G.S.E. is , using a commonly available aquarium PH tester would show that to be a very potent acidic solution.
Reverse osmosis water lowers its PH much quicker because of the lack of dissolved solids in the water that "tap' water has a tendency to have a lot of, (dissolved mineral content).

Perhaps the secret is to use your 32 drops to a gallon (pretty dang strong) (8 oz baby food jar..?) ratio and possibly,


(Rolaids, Reptical, Osteo-form... most anything Calcium carbonate based ...)
to the slightly acidic 6.0-6.9 ish range, lower than that and its not "slightly acidic" anymore.

10 drops to gallon would be more like it for an immediate medical crisis and 1 drop per gallon as a prophylactic (preventitive) treatment. imho

Edited may 29 2003:

My opinion on dosage has changed after consideration of other breeders positive experiences and I now use 10 drops per gallon as an everyday water supply element.
Some breeders successfully use up to 25 drops and I'm sure there are some using a single drop per gallon.

As I mentioned earlier, with 3 drops of G.S.E. to a gallon, fungal and bacterial "crop infections" have been eliminated from the equation as far as hand feeding baby parrots for myself and others I know of. Beating up and killing basic fungus and bacteria is easy compared to beating up crypto though.
I tend to err on the conservative side when establishing dosage levels of any water 'additive"

Another qoute:

"The physician Dr. Leo Galland of New York reports that even when ingested for twelve months, G.S.E. showed no side effects.
Furthermore, none of his patients developed immune resistance.
The latter is a problem that can occur when antibiotics are frequently ingested.
Grapefruit seed extract appears to keep its effect, even when used for a long period of time.

Dr. Galland, has found that a combination of grapefruit seed extract and an herb called Artimesia annua makes for an Effective Broad Spectrum Parasite Treatment.

Grapefruit Seed Extract is from the Rutaceae plant family. The seeds and leaves from this plant have the following actions: antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal, and anthelmintic (= capable of expelling or destroying parasitic worms).
GSE has been shown to kill both gram- negative and gram-positive strains of bacteria.
Like "ARTEMISIA ANNUA", grapefruit seed extract is truly a" broad-spectrum" natural antibiotic / anti-parasitic, capable of killing a wide variety of pathogens."

Some links I have dug up in the past when I was trying this stuff out for the first times:

Here is another one with just one interesting qoute which I will add here:
"By the way, recent research by the FDA and CDC indicates that grapfruit-seed extract is at least as effective against parasites as any prescription drug AND has no side-effects"

I just wanted to share because I, and many others on the corn site I frequent have found Grapfruit Seed Extract to be invaluable.

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