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ok as for the people saying that they aren't noisy, then you must have had an exception, EVERY cockatiel that I have EVER owned has been a loud singer/chirper/screecher. The last two I owned were loud as well, as to why we had to get rid of them because we are getting ready to move. ALL birds have to have TONS of attention, BIG cage (about twice the length of their wing span). NEVER put them above eye level, to them above eye level= they are superior.......And if you happen to get one that is not loud, they all have the possibilitie of being loud.

If you get one bird it may look to you as it's mate, there for will has a good possibility of absolutely hating your partner. And if you decided to keep your partner (yes your partner not the bird) then your bird could get really stressed and start pulling out his/her feathers. Or get EXTREMLY violent/ biting, screaming, not letting you or anyone else touch it. They can and will stop eating.....think HARD about getting something like a cockatiel or any other bird........They are not as easy to take care of as a snake.
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