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the absolute best food is Innova, but it is pretty pricey. California Natural is another good one. If price is an issue, there is a food called Diamond that is premium quality at a very reasonable price. Unfortunately, my dog doesn't like it. I don't like Science Diet foods, even tho some ppl will tell u it is a good food. I prefer Iams over Science Diet, personally. The main thing is, look for a food that has no BHA/BHT in it, and it should not list meat meal by-products or meat and bone meal by-products. You also want the very first, and if possible the second also, ingredient to be some type of meat as opposed to ground corn or something like that. There are a few good quality foods that I can't think of right now, but u could check out some dog forums. This tends to be one of the favorite topics on the dog forums.

My own dog eats Iams Lamb Meal and Rice Formula. I've tried putting her on other foods, but she for some reason prefers Iams.
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