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Well aparently you and I Mousekilla are the only ones to remember way back before CDs.

Im with you on the Metalica thang too, they are nuthin but a bunch of sell out whiners as far as Im concerned. Heck maybe if they came out with a CD that didnt sound exactly like the last 5 or so theyve made they could quit pointing thier fingers at everyone else for thier loss in sales.

Anyways, (back to the subject) for me if there werent any file sharing sites I wouldnt have have heard of alot of music that is out there. I have a younger friend that I IM quite alot that lives on the other side of the continent and another in Peurto Rico and when they hear songs they like they usually suggest that I download it to see what I think. Usually I think they are crap but thats not the point. Also I doubt I could run to Wallmart or where ever and pick up some of the stuff my friend in Puerto Rico listens to. But in all honesty I cant see file sharing as an all together "bad thing". Also what about the old school type music that no longer gets stocked in stores? My Ex husband was here last night and downloaded," Gods Of Wrath" an old Metal Church song. Now if we couldnt have gotten that off the internet where in the heck could we have gone?

Oh and speaking of old school music I better go download a few more before they get lost forever in this BS Hm... Pantera's Cemetary Gates is a must Havent heard that one in years. If file sharing sites are gonna be a thing of the past I better stock up for the future
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