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My 5 year old daughter has a 2 year old Ball (it was a baby when I got it for her) that she absolutely adores. She will sit for hours with it in her lap. It has never shown any agression towards me or my daughter. I hand feed it warmed frozen mice and I've never had an accidental feeding bite. Would I let another child hold it? Absolutely not. I've bred, studied, rehabed, collected and handled every sort of reptile for 35 years and I would NEVER tell someone that a given reptile would not bite. I have a friend that had to have a large part of his lower lip re-attatched because he was bitten by his 5 foot iguana that he had raised since it was a juvinile. Ironically, he was showing someone (a non herper) how tame it was when he was bitten. I don't know about the rest of you, but, I can't afford the kind of lawsuit that would come from a child being bitten on the face by one of my herps. Don't think your friends would sue you? Watch one Judge (insert name here) show and see some of the stupid crap people sue each other for every day. We are a minority. If it came to a suit, you would loose your butt. Gaaronteeed. I dont' know how things are in Canada, seems like they are a little more realistic. Here in the good ol' U.S. of A., you have to PAY to defend yourself from frivolous law suits. And even those can be heard buy a JURY. Will they be sympathetic to a small child? Or to a grown adult with an "EVIL" reptile? Here's a tip, DON'T BET ON THE REPTILE OWNER. like I said before, win or loose, you have to pay to defend yourself. Usually thousands of dollars. Still want to take your chances? Hell, here you may get sued just for letting a child NEAR your snake (traumatized child). Sounds dumb, but, thats why we have so many lawyers.

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