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I keep them on recipe cards, and I used to just slide them in beside the enclosure or clip it on it, until my cat started getting more creative with removing and hiding/destroying them So I still keep them on recipe cards, each snakes cards held together with paperclips, until they get too large then they get retired to a binder. At the top of the card I record the name of the animal (whatever I choose to call it). On the initial card I record:
latin name
common name
purchased from
date purchased
breeder (if known)

on the rest of the cards I usually get at least 3 columns across. I write the date of whatever I am recording, and I have codes for recording as well:

IS - in shed
S- shed
D- defecate
F- fed
NO- refused food

If I need more specifics than that, I put a word in brackets, or if it requires a lot of space I make notes on the back of the recipe card. I also record weights on them. When writing dates to save space I use this format:

Aug 03/03-D
15- F
22- F,D
29- IS
Sep 01/03-F
5- S
6- F
14- NO
etc, etc.

This method works well for me I find for basic record keeping. For breeding I attach a breeding record to the back of the females regular records and go from there using codes as well:

C- copulation noted
IS- shed
S- shed
O- ovulation
Se- seperated
I- introduced
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