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Marc,From you view it would be convient to feed kittens and puppies for a large collection. BUT the human society wouldn't do that. THey sooner put down that 30-40% of animals and throw the bodies away or do whatever it is they do. ( I wouldn't put it past them buring them,which puts toxins from the smoke into the atomosphere and that helps global warming and in return that would kill the animals they love,once again vicious circle)
Also people put dogs and cats above an animal that has lived for millions and years more then cats or dogs but they are cute and cuddly and they have been domesticated. They show feelings and love to their owners. So people prefer them. It's like how people treat sharks...they have been around longer then reptiles and well since they occasionally MISTAKE us for food and yet people hate them. Just because of their natural instinct. We go into their habitat and they continue what they do best and we out right destroy them.

Darlene-The videos they may watch might show all that stuff but to see it in real life is different. It just might shock them...although if they have watched a rat being killed..I don't see the tears that should follow with this. Maybe the teacher should have stuck them in front of those homeless puppies being killed cause noone wanted them. THen do this experiemnt..they might think of it differently. See the biology and the way the animal kingdom truely works.
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