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Well Aaron you did good man you made a real debat sucsefull.

This is my stand....
First off why would any one put a cat or dog above a reptile when they have ben around longer if not double there life time. Lets get passed equility for a second and look at reality.

If I hade a huge reptile fecility and I was called every friday and was told ok Marc we put down 20 of this weeks strays chimical free for you how many will you need next week that would be apropriat for me. Did you know that a stray that is picked up off the streets has 4 days to be claimed WHY you may ask they need to make room for the folowing week's worth of animals that will be braught in. so why not have a good number (if not all) put down chimical free and then frozen for big zoos or facilitys.

Now I am not saying lets all get into breeder kitys. But if it's ther lets use it why breed somthing just to kill it when hundreds of prey items are being incenarated or placed in to veggie burgers J/K LOL.

Now should the teacher show frist, second or third graders. But if we are talking about his/her grade 11 and 12 biology class well then I am all for it. also I would nat show how it kills simply becaus I am not all about live feeding but if the teacher can get still born pigs for disection why not a few kittens or puppys.

In all reality put your self in these shoes you have 300 + animals to feed and the humain sociaty will donat for free 30%-40% of your pray items tellm me that is not areciated whne that gives you the extra cash to worry about vet bills, water filters, new cage linings, replacement bulbs for over 150 cages in over stock just so you have them when you need them. these sort of savings can make a big diffrence in a big reptile collection.

well I said me pice for now.

Marc Doiron.

P.s. Snakeman87 a snake eating prey that eats meat is not a bad thing Anacondas can and do eat jags in the wild along with your occasional caiman and just about anything that they can catch. Large constrictors are oportunistic hunters in other words if they have not eatin in a few monts and then they find a dead lion what is gona stop them from eating it eaven if it wasent dead if they acn get close enugh to a sleeping lion what is there to stop them. now I am done.
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