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A couple other scenarious to ponder here :
1)Many highschools watch "wildlife videos" which contain scenes of large predators such as lions & crocodiles tearing apart prey such as gazelles. The gazelles or other prey are still alive.
2)Most large reptiles & other such predators in captivity that would be capable of eating cats & dogs do not have rats & mice as their alternative food source. To make a proper comparison one must have in mind that they would be fed goats, sheep, lambs, calves & various members of the 'deer' family that can be 'farmed' for them.
3)There was a recent news article about a lady (tho I forget where she was from) who had willed that she be fed to her beloved lions when she passed away. When her demise did come to pass her family was horrified at having to do it & went to court to fight it. They won & her dying wish was not honored even tho she had taken all proper steps to make it so.
4)Pet cemetarys are available for animals who have lived their lives with families. Never ask your veterinarians what happens to bodies of animals that they have "put to sleep" & been left with.
5)Picture in your mind the beloved 4-H calf or Pony Club mount; then visit a livestock auction or; if you are brave enough; a slaughter house. Try to find out where all "unusable parts" go.
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