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it is probably not too good of an idea to get a Crotch Rocket for your first bike, i have been riding for about 3 years and love it (altho i am not "legally" allowed to) but the first bike i rode was a 1995??? Suzuki GSX 1100G now this bike is the farthest thing from a "starter" this bike has almost a identical engine to the bandit but it is TOP HEAVY AS HELL!! it is a sport/cruiser. it is a HORRIBLE bike to start off on, but i survived, also your hight and weight can play a factor in the bike u start off in, i am BIG for my age (6'2 and 230 pounds) so i would manage that bike much better than say someone who is 5'5 and 130 pounds, lol. but i would chose wisely and i know where i live there are courses that teach u how to ride that are 2 days and if u complete it u get your license and they supply Honda 250cc bike (couldn't tell u witch one off hand, probly a rebel) but good luck with your new "toy" there alot of fun
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