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Why would you stress the snake out by trying to force feed it? Let it be alone for about a week after you get it so it can acclimate. If you do try to feed it on the first night and it don't strike then LEAVE IT ALONE. ASSIT FEED IS A LAST RESORT!!!! It's I don't have a spotted python by seeing python......I guess it's kind of like a's jaws are flexable and can "pop" out of place....if it's jaw is not realigned within a day take it to the vet and take it as a lesson learned.
1.) If you try to feed the first night and it don't strike then leave it alone.......or
2.) Leave it alone completely for about 1-3 weeks before even attempting to feed it, only reaching in there to clean the water/enlcosure if needed.
3.) put it in a low traffic area and make sure the temps/humidity is right.

If I forgot something I'm sure someone will cover it. And again
Assist feed is an absolute LAST RESORT, and if you should have to do this, then have an expierenced person show you how to do it the first few times, be it a veternarian *sp??* or an expierienced herper.
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