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Angry Wc Disgrace!

Yep, you guessed it, yet ANOTHER rant about that evil pet store, and no, not about them firing me. It's some new info I found out from my new friend Travis...

(for information purposes...I just met Travis my first week of College, he incidentally is ALSO the guy who replaced me at the pet store...I'm happy though, he likes reptiles.)

So we were having a talk in Marketing about the snakes and stuff, and he told me that they just recently ordered an Anaconda (against his wishes). In fact, all they have there are reptiles that get to considerable sizes....Savs, a nile monitor, green iguanas, anaconda, etc.

And then he told me something that I was LIED to about. He told me that EVERY SINGLE ONE of the reptiles that are sold are WC because it's cheaper that way. Yes I know it's cheaper. But when *I* bought the Ribbon I asked him and he said, "Captive". Montey, I didn't know enough to ask, and that was three years ago under different management, so I can only pray REALLY hard...the Ball Pythons were all WC, everything.

I am personally against keeping anything wild, simply because we have enough breeders. My only acception is if it's a dying breed and we're trying to save it by breeding it and keeping the species safe from mans mistakes. That's just us trying to fix our f*** ups...

But isn't that completely wrong? He lied to me to get me to buy that animal, knowing full well that I frown upon the WC pets...ugh, I'm frustrated by idiots...

"A rattlesnake that doesn't bite teaches you nothing."
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