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Have experienced this months ago...

Hi All,

Just read your policy. Mine (from Allstate) reads.... "all animals" which includes reptiles. As long as it is NOT a business. You are NOT covered if you are conducting business. Yes selling reptiles you breed without a licence is a business (an illegal one). If you are in business then you are charging full 15% PST AND GST

(if you are not in Ontario but buy from it then YOU are responsible for paying your provincial taxes, only GST is REQUIERED, if you are american then you pay NO taxes in Canada.... you will be charged your taxes when it crosses the border for your state and federals)

Point served.... that will void your insurance (fully reserched through many companies including my own which I have documented to solidify any claim should the need arise)

BTW they are also covered under your theft policy without notification (big explaination here but... my entire collection is ensured up to $20000.00 CAD which is about 1000x more than it is worth... it's a standard policy for $200.15 CAD per annum)

Heat tape (or any American approved) as a heat source that is NOT sold in Canada and has no approval. Your in luck... certain HVAC products (categories as noted in CSA approval applications) are grandfathered or have parelled requirements. Flexwatt falls under these categories (as well as Flexall which IS CSA approved but only avialable through Europe.... do a simple search on Google, it pops up). You are covered by your insurance policy (at least mine but mine are pretty commonly writen caviots on a common contract) AS LONG AS YOUR ACTIONS (regarded as negligence if YOU cause the mishap. Meaning you didn't wire it wrong or broke any CSHA rules like open connections) did not cause the mishap (house roast).

Interesting wouldn't you say,


Pls forgive any spelling mistakes, don't have word installed yet
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