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I would have to agree with Tim on this one. I just sucks to see so much time and effort gone for not. It takes time to learn anything (playing for 24 years and still learning) And in all honesty most musicans never do "make it" and are resigned to playing in cover bands. Just think there are a lot of folks trying to get a break and this will cut down on thier chances of siging a deal. Playing in a cover band is like being poor(there are a select few that do well but not very many) Just think that playing 3 nights at a drinking place once all the union fees are paid and extras for rentals and or union sound guy and or other incendentals are taken care of you are lucky to pocket 150 bucks( you might be lucky to get a few promo beers) Just gearing up now days is huge bucks. Hell I have a small set up just for doing home recording and I am in for about 12 grand and do not have enough gear anymore to play someone's bath room. I do see both sides of the story but the real thing is this is going to end badly for oneside or the other there will be no middle ground on this one. I would hope that this will work out for all of us in the end but it does not seeem like it will sad days for all ahead. Tim if you have any of those demo's left e mail or pm me so I can buy one from you I am interested to hear what's up with your stuff.

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