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One of the many thing that can be thrown in here are 1. sony makes the Ripping software and a Crap load of hardware one would use to "Steal" Music They profit from Filesharing maybe Thety should Put some of that money into the artists pockets.

Cd's Are outdated (Yep Already) Why would you want a Cd when you can have a hardrive that is Smaller and Holds more and you can erase it when ever you want

If the music Bussiness Collapses It Will have learned a lesson That people dont want this Commercial Crap anymore And they will Re-build With what we want But I doubt it will go to that.

Sueing 12 year old Girls is sad and only reasures The Hate I have for the riaa hopefully the music industry will Become Musician Controled A huge Co-op is The Best option Imo
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